Kegel exercises: the complete guide

When a woman becomes pregnant, she begins to hear about parts of her body that, perhaps, she had never worried too much. They talk about the perineum, because of the episiotomy, they tell him about the coccyx and the sacrum, so that during the birth he moves back so that the baby can leave, but only if he is not lying and they talk to him, also about the floor pelvic

Infant colic, what are they really?

Babies cry. They have no other way of expressing themselves, so they cry when they don't like something, when they feel upset about anything and when they need to be served. That is the normal crying of a baby, asking for someone to provide care. In addition to normal crying, which is not called colic at all, but crying, there are some babies, not everyone, who in the afternoon or evening cry more than usual, for a good while and, apparently, without apparent solution.

An American woman gives birth to two babies from two wombs

The chances of something like this happening are very low, however it has happened in the country where everything seems possible. An American woman gave birth to two babies a few days ago, each from a different uterus. To speak in property, rather than say that this woman has two wombs, we should say that she has what is known as bicorne uterus, a congenital malformation of the uterus that can have different degrees of malformation, from a simple bicorne uterus, which is a uterus with an intermediate septum (a kind of spine) whose size can be more or less large, until the uterus is completely divided to two uterus, one on each side.

Negligence, synonymous with child violence

Many of the accidents suffered by children are a consequence of the negligence of parents or relatives, it is a form of child violence against which one can and must fight. In many cases it is the children responsible for the accidents they suffer, but the elderly should not aggravate the situation further and we must fight against the negligence that we involuntarily carry out.

What are the so-called neurological signs in childhood?

We have talked to you about the problem of minimal cerebral dysfunction in children, which could affect many boys and girls who are of school age and can remain for a lifetime if appropriate measures are not taken. When we take our little one to the specialist because from different fields, mainly the school, they tell us that he needs an assessment because there are certain difficulties in the acquisition of the given contents, many times we can find that one of the tests they perform is to check the called neurological signs.

Homemade Carnival costumes made with balloons

Carnival is coming and we bring you ideas to disguise the little ones in the house. This time we will see some original carnival costumes homemade, simple and made with balloons. A blackberry, a bunch of grapes, a bag of jelly beans or a foam bath are our proposals. These are costumes for children from three years, when they can move and walk without difficulties and when the temptation to blow up the balloons is not so great because they already understand that without balloons there is no costume.

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Legumes in infant feeding

In our review of foods that should not be lacking in children's nutrition, we arrived today at legumes, a staple in the diet of all cultures and that had been one of the pillars of the very healthy Mediterranean diet until very recently, but that They have gradually been parking to give more importance to other foods, such as meats or fish.

"In the womb": the documentary that all future mothers (and fathers) should watch

It's not new, it's been a few years and I've seen it for the first time for years. I liked it so much at the time (6 years ago) as I liked it yesterday when I saw it in high definition, so taking advantage of it with better definition, I thought it would be a good idea to offer it here because "In the womb" is the documentary that All future mothers (and all future parents) should see.

Top 10 carts

The cart is a fundamental item for the baby. There are all kinds and for all needs, from the most classic to the most spatial. Parents are usually very demanding in the search for the ideal cart because it is an important purchase, both for the use that will be given and for the money to be invested.

Exercise in the pool during pregnancy

Those of us who are pregnant during the summer have the advantage of being able to exercise in a pool. Water is, without a doubt, one of the best means to exercise and tone the muscles without making too much effort while enjoying the benefits of a refreshing bath.

The first Spanish baby free of the mutation that predisposes to breast cancer is born

Sometimes news appears that generate a strange sensation of ambiguity to the readers, since on the one hand they are seen as an advance and as one more step for humanity, but on the other there is a worrying differentiating style, controlled by people . By this I mean a story that is on the lips of many people these days: the first Spanish baby free of the genetic mutation that predisposes to have breast cancer was born.

What is true that children should be actively immunized?

Candy falls to the ground, from where we take it and give it a powerful blow. Bfff! With regard to our little ones, the candy has just gained an immunity that neither Superman nor has, and they take it to their mouths. In the process, it is possible that a real immunity has been gained by the child. But, to what extent do we justify the spread of a virus in return?

"The madness of being parents": campaign to show that this is the most fantastic time of our lives

Although it is possible to think that with this campaign the promotion of the brand is also sought, the main intention of “The madness of being parents” of Hero Baby is to touch the sensitive fiber of all those who have just been parents, of those who expect a son and of those who plan to increase the family. They do not lack reason, because many people think that with 'the one who is falling' the decision to be parents is crazy, but there is nothing that gives so much meaning to our lives, and that is a good reason to go through the most lasting vital experience in time that is known.

The child with atopic dermatitis: an overview

Atopic dermatitis is the dermatological disease that children suffer most, 1 in 20, which according to studies is increasing due to the concentration of irritating substances in the environment, the excessive hygiene of the dermis, etc. Eduardo Fonseca Capdevilla, head of the Dermatology Service of the Juan Canalejo Hospital (A Coruña) states that to suffer from atopic dermatitis you must have a genetic predisposition, but external factors linked to development can cause this pathology to appear, since the true condition is still unknown Cause that causes it.

Incubator history

Although in the ancient myths we find the precedent of the incubator, this device that is used in neonatology to help premature babies develop, emerged relatively recently. Before the nineteenth century there was no way to care for the premature baby, apart from being in the company of his mother, skin with skin in a kind of "kangaroo method" as other classic myths also suggest.

Children living with parents alone receive less medical attention

As an investigation shows, single parents (single or separated) go less often to the pediatrician's office, usually go when they have to perform certain checks on the health of their children, the administration of vaccines, etc. However, children who live only with the mother come as many or more times as a family in which both parents live.

Babies highlights and more: November 21-27

Today as every week we offer you a summary of the highlights of the last week in Babies and more. It shows the language that Christmas is coming and it shows that we have started the Christmas Special with tips and resources so that we can do at home with the children, such as the possibility of making Christmas Congratulations with the photo of the children or knowing what are the ten worst toys of 2011.