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Healthy, healthy, frog's ass. Poemites for the hospital

A child's hospital stay is very hard, mainly for the child and also for his family. Any activity that makes this time in the hospital go lighter is welcome, that's why we loved these Hospital Poemites. On the website of the writer Carmen Gil we find many poems for children, with a special selection for sick children, or who have to get a vaccine, who are afraid of the doctor ... These are adventures (funny stories in verse), riddles , magic words and a song.

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Baby calendar: four months

Following our journey through the growth of the baby, we leave the third month behind and reach four months of age, when the child is much more aware of what is being seen and heard around him, as well as of the people nearby that surround them. The baby continues to grow and learn about the world at high speed, taking interest in everything and learning from every detail.

Pregnant rag dolls in 'Swan T-shirts'

Pregnant rag doll I have found some pregnant dolls that are very pretty, they are rag and their creator is Swan (mom and designer of the products that she distributes through her website). These creations are adorable dolls that give birth to their babies and then hug them affectionately.

The latest fashion: a party to announce the sex of the baby

First it was the baby shower, and now, also imported from the United States, the latest fashion is the parties to announce the sex of the baby. The idea is that future parents gather family and friends to reveal if the baby they are waiting for is a boy or a girl. But the announcement is not simply to say it, but to do it in the most original way possible.

Baby handle, the coolest gift baskets

On many occasions we do not know what to give when a baby is born. Some parents bet on birth lists, but other times we go to a loss with which it is appropriate to give away. Mango Kids come to our aid and proposes some super cool baskets with first-line clothes and accessories with simple, comfortable and very sweet lines.

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Private rooms for families, beneficial for premature in intensive care

We are accustomed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in open rooms of hospitals shared by several babies, which some researchers define as "baby stable". Trajín of people entering and leaving, machine noises, lights ... the environment can be quite stressful for a premature baby, especially if he is not allowed to be in permanent contact with his parents.

How to act if we see a child with a heat stroke locked in a car?

Unfortunately, every summer we hear news of children who have died after being left behind by their parents locked in the car and having suffered a heat stroke. We would never like to face this situation, but remember that a child inside a car parked in the sun in summer and without ventilation can reach 42 or 43 degrees of body temperature and die within 30 to 60 minutes.

Plastic bathtub, good option for when the baby grows

There comes a time in the life of each baby in which the daddies remember with nostalgia how he had so much left over at the beginning, when we thought that those bathtubs-changer were going to serve him for so long ... But the baby grows, and begins to splash without to care about floors, walls or our clothes, and it is already difficult to put him in that small space.

Five "don't do" recommendations in pediatrics

Within the framework of the project Commitment to the Quality of Scientific Societies in Spain, whose main objective is to reduce the use of unnecessary health interventions, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has published a document with five recommendations of "not doing "prepared by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics.

A mother proposes to eliminate the story of "Sleeping Beauty" by considering that it includes an inappropriate sexual message for children

Some classic stories have long been criticized by educators and parents, who argue that apart from being cruel, they transmit values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are inappropriate for children. Recently it was the turn of the story of "Sleeping Beauty." An English mother has denounced that the story is inappropriate because it conveys submission and weakness of the woman, which also culminates with a kiss not consented by the man.

"Wonder", the movie that teaches us to look beyond physical appearance

The American movie Wonder, a story about bullying, acceptance and integration based on the youth novel "The Lesson of August", by the writer Raquel Palacio, has just arrived in Spanish cinemas. The film tells the story of August Pullman, a ten-year-old boy with a facial malformation who, after spending his entire life at home, must face school and social rejection by some of his classmates for the first time.

Mother and daughter gave birth on the same day

Sometimes there is news that seems taken from a Hollywood movie. This news that I bring you today is one of them, since a week ago it happened that a mother and daughter gave birth on the same day, in the purest style "The father of the bride returns." It happened in Puerto Rico. Mónica Hernández, 37, gave birth to Raymelis Deliz Encarnación Hernández, while her 20-year-old daughter, Verónica Encarnación, had her first child, Carvin Yael Rivera Encarnación.